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About this site...
This site is unofficial which means that although Stephen Buntrock is aware of the site and has even mentioned it in an online interview, he is not actively involved in its design or maintenance. There is no guarantee that he approves of any specific content on this site, and any opinions expressed on the site are not meant to speak for him. I do my best to keep the site current with the information and resources that I have, and am sorry if occasionally I miss something.
The primary aim of the site has always been to provide a central location for information regarding Stephen Buntrock's onstage career; a secondary purpose is to provide a way for fans, friends and family to articulate their support for his career. (i.e. by signing the guestbook) These pages were born in 2000 out of my sincere respect for Mr. Buntrock's work and it has always been my desire that they reflect well on him. Since I think he deserves an awesome website, I try to keep the site as up-to-date and spiffy looking as my time and ability allow.
I'm a Software Developer by profession, so I'm pretty adept at the technical issues related to creating and running websites. I like to continue to challenge myself to improve upon my work- both technically and artistically, and I hope that keeps this site fresh. I know this may never be the best site ever created- but I want it to be the best site I can do; I guess I am a little bit of a perfectionist. So please contact me if you have any constructive criticism regarding this site or if something doesn't appear to be working properly.
I welcome any contributions of production photographs (especially from Titanic, Beauty and the Beast or any shows Stephen had done prior to 1997). It would also be greatly appreciated if you could take a moment to share your thoughts, and sign the guestbook.
Copyright Info
Please do not take any scripts, text or graphics from this site without permission.
All Les Mis production photographs are from the following souvenir brochures from Broadway: March 1997, April 1998, Sept 1998 and May 1999. Martin Guerre photographs are from the Martin Guerre souvenir brochure published by Dewynters, October 1999. Jane Eyre photographs are mainly from the Broadway souvenir brochure published by Dewynters May 2001.Miss Saigon photos are courtesy of the Marriott Lincolnshire theatre and if you like them, please be sure to thank Stephen. Oklahoma! photos by Joan Marcus and courtesy of The Publicity Office. Certain photographs were taken from InTheater magazine, and are so noted on the site. The Babes in Arms photo comes from the Chicago Tribune. Playbill® is a registered trademark of Playbill Incorporated. The logos and production photos of all shows not mentioned above are copyrighted by each production company.

Any opinions expressed on this site are exclusively the opinions of the webmaster unless otherwise stated. Likewise, the webmaster takes full responsibility for all content (including any possible factual errors). All images not covered in the previous paragraph were designed by the webmaster specifically for this site. The photograph of the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on the Jane Eyre page, the photograph of the Lunt Fontanne Theatre on the Beauty and the Beast page, photographs of the Walter Kerr theatre on the A Little Night Music and the photograph of the Marriott Theatre marquis on the South Pacific page were taken by the webmaster. Some scripts have been taken or adapted from other sources, but otherwise all code and text (other than any that are explicitly attributed to other sources) are original and property of the webmaster. It's rude to steal from another person's efforts, so thanks in advance for your cooperation in not taking anything from this site without permission.
Technical Info
This website was founded on Jan 30, 2000. It is best viewed in a current browser at 1024x768 resolution or greater. It looks best in Firefox or Chrome; it should look OK in recent versions of Internet Explorer but you may miss out on some of the finer design features.
The webmaster would like to thank her family and friends for their support and opinions related to this project. Special thanks go to Barbara for sending the photo of Stephen from the May 2002 article on understudies. Many thanks also to everyone who has taken the time to sign the guestbook!

I've been fortunate enough to have seen a great many talented musical theatre performers, both in the U.S. as well as around the world; it really says something about Mr. Buntrock's work on stage that I wanted to do this site in the first place... especially since I knew little about him other than that he'd told someone else that he did not want a site and that he'd given me a bit of a hard time when I'd asked for an autograph in May 1999. ;) So I must finally extend a very special thank you to Stephen R. Buntrock- both for always giving 100% onstage, as well as for respecting my work on the site. Finally, on a personal note, here's a huge shout out of gratitude to both Stephen and Erin for their kindness throughout the years.
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