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Website Updates
2018 Nov 15
Guestbook signing disabled
Due to an overabundance of spam, the guestbook signing has been disabled. Thanks to all who have signed throughout the years!

2013 May 17
South Pacific Page Added
In addition to some minor tweaks, I've added a page for Stephen's performance in South Pacific; I also recently added an interview to the Press page

2011 Dec 17
Interview Links Added
Added links to 3 White Christmas interviews to the Press page

2011 Mar 26
Forum photos
Just added 5 production photos from Paper Mill Playhouse's current production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum to the Misc page.

Also added links to 2 short video clips of the production and rehearsal.

2011 Jan 26
Major Site Redesign
If you've visited this site before, you might notice that it looks a little different. Having realized I hadn't done any major design work on the site in 8 years, I recently revisited every detail on the site while also upgrading the platform to

Most content is the same, but changes beyond the overall look include:
  • Many old photos (Les Mis, Miss Saigon, Martin Guerre) have been rescanned at larger image sizes
  • 2 new articles linked to the press page.
  • Reviewed all links, and removed broken ones
  • Added an rss feed
Please contact me if there are any problems. Compliments are also always welcome. ;)

2011 Jan 09
A Little Night Music Photos Added
The A Little Night Music page has been updated and now includes 7 production photos.

Also, the bio page has been updated with Stephen's bio from the A Little Night Music playbill.

2010 Sep 28
Interview Link Added (& Congrats!)
Congrats to Stephen on assuming the lead role of Fredrik in "A Little Night Music" tonight! Don't miss the new interview (in the Press section of the New page).

2009 Nov 29
A Little Night Music additions
New page added for the Broadway revival of A Little Night Music.

Also added photos from the March 2009 White Plains production of A Little Night Music to the Misc page

2009 Feb 07
Minor Website Tweaks
I tried to jazz things up a little bit by tweaking the way the image display works when clicking on the thumbnails on the show pages. Also added some effects to highlight the currently active input field on the guestbook and contact pages.

2008 May 31
Grease Photos
(Finally) added 2 photos of Stephen as Teen Angel to the Grease page.

2008 Feb 03
Grease Page Added
It only took about 6 months, but I've finally added a page here for Stephen's current project, Grease.

2007 Mar 26
Gaston Photo
I added my photo of the poster of Stephen as Gaston that is currently displayed in front of the Lunt Fontanne marquee to the Beauty and the Beast page.

2006 Dec 25
Beauty and the Beast Page Added
Merry Christmas! A new page has been added for Beauty and the Beast, in which Stephen begins performances tomorrow. Best of wishes to him on his newest role.

Since I was already working on the site, I also made some tweaks to various pages including the About page.

2005 Aug 21
Guestbook Update
Due to the fact that the guestbook was receiving an incredible amount of spam, it has been reprogrammed so that all entries are reviewed before they are posted live to the site. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but I will approve all legitimate entries as soon as humanly possible.

Also, I've done a little updating to the Phantom page, and added a few more links at various pages on the site.

2004 Oct 04
This and That
Just jotting down a note so it doesn't look like I've forgotten about the site. I've added the next few stops to the list of Phantom tour venues and I've also updated the text on the Sign the Guestbook page.

2004 May 11
Phantom Weather
The Phantom of the Opera page now displays the weather for the current stop of the tour, courtesy of (As soon as the tour moves on, the location used for the weather display will be changed automatically.)

2004 Feb 22
Phantom Page Added
A page has been added for info on Stephen's work in The Phantom of the Opera. Also, the news page has been revamped, various pages have been tweaked, and a lot of work has been done to the site backend to make managing the site even easier.

2003 Oct 04
Harmony Page Added
A page for Stephen Buntrock's latest project, Harmony, has now been added to the site. The "Current" link on the site now points here.

2003 Sep 10
New Website Email Address
Because I have become fed up with receiving inordinate amounts of spam at the Email address I had been publishing on this site, I have disabled that address and created a new one to use instead. The contact information for the site is always current on the Contact page.

2003 Aug 24
Bio Updated
Updated the Bio page to use the bio printed in the playbill for Putting It Together, which recently ended a successful run at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, MA.

2003 Feb 12
New Photos Added
12 new photos of Mr. Buntrock as Curly have been added to the Oklahoma! page. Also, a photo as Curly has been added to the rotation of photos that display on the front page of the site.

2003 Feb 03
New Contact Form
I've added a Contact page since it may not have been clear to remove the spam blockers from the various Email links on the site. This simple form is for contacting the webmaster with your questions and comments; feel free to use it!

Also, a link to Wayman Wong's terrific interview has recently been added to the News.asp page.

2003 Jan 24
New interview link posted
Check out the News page for a link to a new interview with Buntrock.

2002 Dec 30
New Links
There are a couple new links added to the Oklahoma! page which include photos of Stephen as Curly. I've added a graphic to automatically point out which links are new, so be sure to give the Current Project page a glance every now and then if you ever want to see if there are any new links of interest.

And a happy and healthy new year to all!

2002 Oct 28
Site Redesign
Once again, the site has undergone a slight redesign and renovation. The changes are mainly in the menu bar and in page layouts, as well as in some behind the scenes functionality. Some more minor changes may or may not be implemented in the coming days.

2002 Sep 12
Site Maintenance
I am in the process of doing general site maintenance and improvements; so you are not going crazy if you think some pages look slightly different.

2002 Sep 05
New Scroller on Home Page
Removed the java applet from the top of the front page and added a JavaScript scroller on the side. This scroller, which highlights quick items of interest, has been verified to work in IE 5.0+, Netscape 4.7+, and Mozilla 1.0+ browsers.

2002 May 31
Photo Added
Added a photo, which ran in print editions of the 5/24/02 article on understudies, to the Misc. Photos page.

2002 May 27
News Article Added
Added a link to a new AP article about understudies which features Stephen; Also revamped some of the links on various pages to remove dead links.

2002 Mar 11
Site Redesigned
If you've been to the site before, you may notice that it has been revamped and redesigned. This website has evolved in the past 2+ years and so it made sense to work on reorganizing things; while doing so, I decided I might as well try something a bit different with the design. Hope everyone enjoys the new look!
Note- many of the file names have changed, so if you've bookmarked any pages other than the main page, you may have to update your bookmarks.

2002 Feb 24
Oklahoma! Page Added
Added a page for Stephen Buntrock's current show, Oklahoma! Note that the "Current" link on the menu now points to this page.

2001 Dec 17
Photo Added
Added 1 photo to the Miss Saigon page.

2001 Dec 02
Photos Added
Added 4 Jane Eyre photos to the Misc. Photos page.
(note: these photos are currently located on the Jane Eyre page)

2001 Nov 06
Photos Added
Added 7 production photos to the Miss Saigon page.

2001 Oct 14
Link to RealAudio Interview Added
Added a link to a 14 minute RealAudio clip of a radio interview with Stephen Buntrock and Emy Baysic. This interview conducted by Dean Richards was broadcast on WGN radio in Chicago on Aug. 26, 2001. The clip is on, the website of the radio station.

2001 Aug 07
Miss Saigon Info Added
Added more cast and performance details to the Miss Saigon page.

2001 Jun 14
Miss Saigon Page Added
Added a page for Miss Saigon news and info; This page is now the page that is linked to the "Current" link in the top menu, though the Jane Eyre page still exists. One of the features of the new page is an interactive calendar applet with performance info. I admit there really is little point to the applet other than the fact that I am insanely proud of programming it myself and (finally) getting it to work! :)

2000 Dec 31
Photo Display Revamped
Happy New Years!

Changed the code on all of the photo pages since they were not displaying correctly on Internet Explorer at high speed connections. The full size photos are now visible only if you have a JavaScript capable browser- this includes all recent versions of IE, Netscape and AOL. If you have a problem viewing the photos, please let the webmaster know and a non-JavaScript version will be added.

2000 May 09
Site Moved to
Moved the site from to the webmaster's new personal domain at

2000 Feb 02
Site Opened
Site is officially opened. About this site

2000 Jan 31
Site Launched
Site is unofficially launched for previews.

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